Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hard to Believe ...

Monday was the TWO YEAR anniversary of our first paying guest, so I hope that you'll indulge me as I take a little trip down memory lane.

On that Friday afternoon, we checked two women traveling from New York City to Montreal into our ONE available guest room. They had the choice of sitting in their room or on the porch because we had no living room furniture. The next morning, our guests received breakfast in their room because we had no dining room furniture. I still remember the feeling of pulling in the driveway and seeing complete strangers hanging out on our porch! When they drove away, we were $80 richer ... or perhaps I should say $80 less in debt!

We looked at each other ... looked at the absolutely empty reservation book ... picked up our paint brushes and got back to work.

Two years later, it is quite a different scene at the Snow Goose - three functioning guest rooms, a fully furnished living room and dining room and an appointment book that shows dozens of reservations for the coming weeks. Thank you, God!

For those of you who like numbers, here are a few:

* 18% of our guests have been Canadian
* 38% have been New Yorkers
* 44 % have come from 18 different states and 8 foreign countries
* 7 % of our guests have been return customers! Yay!

* We have served 651 full gourmet breakfasts and 659 continental buffet breakfasts. (That's a LOT of dishes to wash! I didn't bother to add up the loads of laundry or the changing of beds!)

* Altogether, we have welcomed 656 "complete strangers" into our home - many of whom have become friends.

We've hosted a wedding and numerous honeymooners and anniversary celebrations -including one 50 year anniversary! We even played party to a proposal on the top of Snow Mountain!

Guests have mailed us pecans, crochet patterns, recipes, baseball caps, books, bottles of wine, Christmas cards and baby pictures.

We've survived mud on our floors, ink marks on our bedding, 20 below zero temperatures, black flies, an air conditioner tumbling out of a window, several guests flipping out of the hammock, a bear attack on our garbage cans, and a large tree branch falling on a guests' car.

We've played hero to lost hikers, thirsty rock climbers, broken down motorists, late night "running out of gas" emergencies ... and one very energetic carload of college kids stranded in a blizzard.

People often ask us if we enjoy what we do. Like any job, running a bed and breakfast has its "moments." But all of the laundry, dishes, hours spent on the telephone and computer, and the endless "fix up" list are richly rewarded when our guests hug us good-bye and we know that we provided a sanctuary for them to rest from their labors, explore God's beautiful creation and reconnect with their loved ones.

Many of you have followed our journey from Day One. You've prayed for us, pulled for us, worried for us ... and probably shook your heads a few times! Thank you for all of your support. We invite you to continue the adventure - great days are ahead!