Thursday, April 28, 2011

And the Rains Came Down ...

While our thoughts and prayers are with those in the south who've experienced such violent storms, Keene Valley has had a little excitement of its own. Torrential rains have turned our peace little Ausable River into a raging monster. Roads and bridges are closed all over the area ... including the only way for Wayne to get home from work tonight!

School was cancelled for the day, so the girls and I went on a little sight-seeing trip.

First ... let me refresh your memory of the Ausable River.

This is how the river usually looks as it meanders along across the road from our Bed and Breakfast. I love to sit on the porch and listen to it's soothing melody.

This is the MIGHTY Ausable River today ... thundering almost to the edge of the road. I can hear it from inside the house with all the doors and windows closed and the sound is NOT soothing. It sounds wild and a bit scary!

Wanna hear? Here's what I'm seeing and hearing!

And our sweet little waterfall ...

On a normal spring day, flowing from snowmelt ... it looks downright polite!

Today, the waterfall is projectile flowing! (Sorry - but that's the best word I could find to describe how it is exploding from rocks) The girls loved standing in the spray ... they also loved an unexpected pajama day!

Here are a few more local scenes ...

That water is RIGHT up to the road!

And it's still raining! Thankfully, the Snow Goose sits high above all the commotion. Some of our neighbors in town are not so fortunate.

The constant roar reminds me of the passage:

"The voice of the Lord is over the waters;

the God of Glory thunders,

the Lord thunders over the mighty waters.

The voice of the Lord is powerful;

the voice of the Lord is majestic."

Psalm 29:3-4

Today, it's not hard to imagine what that must sound like.

I hope all of you are safe and dry. Blessings and hugs ... it just feels like a good day to hug those you love.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Break

Today is the last day of Spring Break ... otherwise known as "Half of the North Country Heads South" week. This is the week that we all dream of during the long days of winter. This is the week where we leave the icy muck and mud for warm breezes and days of leisure ....

This is where I spent my Spring Break ....

Ok... not really. We weren't quite able to afford palatial quality beach life, so we stayed here ...

It was lovely .... walking down those wooden steps right onto the warm sand ...


You still don't believe me?

Ok ....

I spent my Spring Break here ... swinging blissfully in the breeze while sipping a ....

Sigh ....

A girl can dream, can't she?! In reality, my Spring Break can be summarized neatly in one photo:

Ok ... maybe two photos ...

For there were two colors in my life this past week.

You see, Wayne is rather absorbed with the renovation of Passages leaving little hope that my diningroom windows would be painted anytime soon. Having fallen in love with some new curtains and just not being able to hang them over cracked, dingy, peeling paint, I was forced to take matters into my own hands ....

All went well ...

Until I had to paint almost upside down. I got a little dizzy....

By the way, ignore the horrible clashiness of the two green paint colors. The bright outside green will be painted over with a lovely coordinating green. Really, it will. In some lifetime!

Wayne was so impressed by the fervor with which I was painting the windows, that he felt inspired to put a second coat of paint on the diningroom walls. (The first coat had been applied about 2 1/2 years ago!) I didn't argue ... even though it meant that my diningroom table looked like this:

In a moment of panic, I saw a car pull in the driveway. I smoothed my hair and hoped I didn't have paint on my face as a smartly dressed young couple approached. Their eyes grew large when they saw my diningroom table. I had to explain! Hopefully they'll return.

By the end of the weeek ... freshly painted windows, freshly painted walls and lovely new pine-cone curtains. Life is good!

Meanwhile ....

When you renovate a room, all of the things that previously resided in that room have to go elsewhere. This creates a problem ...

This is the upstairs hallway. The same hallway that leads to our other "un-renovated" guest room. I guess it was a good thing that we didn't have guests until the weekend!

I love the moment when the first swaths of paint begin transforming a room.

On a side note, don't you just love paint color names? For example, Wesley is slathering our ceiling with ... Mayonnaise! I wish it were some exotic name like "ocean spray" or "moon dust," but it's not. Good old "Mayonnaise." Would you like some bologna and cheese with that?

The room is painted and ready for the next round ... which apparently involves turning the space into a wood-working shop. (No ... the walls are not really yellow. It's just the lighting ... or the camera setting ... or something. I would never paint my walls yellow!)

Ever the multi-tasker, Wayne has decided to begin transforming the bathroom at the same time. Here he kneels in the "old" bathroom ... pondering. He does this a lot. His ponderings are usually followed by a brainstorm that results in a even more work!

And here Wayne kneels in the same bathroom ... mere hours later. When I think that this room is rented to some poor unsuspecting couple in a mere 5 weeks, I feel afraid. Very afraid!

* * * *

After a very productive (or destructive - depending on how you look at it) week, we all cleaned up yesterday and celebrated Easter. First, we attended a great service at the local community church. Then we enjoyed a lovely brunch in Lake Placid. Lest you think it was warm ... we put our jackets back on as soon as the picture was taken! But it was a beautiful day and a great ending to our Spring Break. At least we were standing on grass and not snow!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Here we gooooo.....!!

Three years ago, as we prepared to open for business, we faced the dilemma of "the blue room." While it didn't blend with any of the rest of our decor, it was usable ... so we put in my mom and dad's old bedroom set and began to rent the room. We named it "Passages" to represent that the room would eventually be making a "passage" from one state (blue-floweredness) to another (awesomeness). Here is the way the room has looked for hundreds of guests .... but the time has come to make the passage!!
In every project, there comes a moment of no return. This was that moment - rich with the excitement of what will be.

Or maybe it was THIS moment when we stood back and faced the reality of what must come first ... lots of hard work!

Hmmm ... how to turn the corner without knocking out a wall or breaking the chandelier?

Drywall covers a multitude of sins ... even blue flowered wallpaper!

"I know there's a stud in there SOMEWHERE!" Oh the joys of renovating a home built before the days of 16 inch centers!

It's always good to have a helping hand from a friend ...

All of the drywall is now hung. It's time to apply the mud - one coat each night after work.

Speaking of mud ... it's that time of year again ... and this is our parking area! Since the mud is the only visible sign so far that spring is coming, I won't complain ... too much!