Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Thousand Things to Love

I love a good quote! I feel a thrill each time I stumble across a simple, succinct statement whose wisdom attaches itself like a mental bumper sticker and begins to change the way I live my days.
One of my current favorites has the power to lift my spirits on any day:

"Remember that at any given moment there are a thousand things you can love."
-- David Levithan

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it's the "season" to count blessings.

But what about ordinary days?
Busy days?
Silly days?
Lonely days?
Days-when-nothing-goes-right days?
Days of loss or grief or longing?

Even then, small miracles abound and we are surrounded by moments worth cherishing.

Here are a few of the "thousand things" I have loved recently:

I loved the serenity of this late afternoon at Schroon Lake ... the girls and I snuck away for an afternoon of swimming and reading before school started.

I love watching my girl, Sodie, develop as an athlete. She began the soccer season playing on the Modified team, but was moved up to Varsity about half way through the season.

CorrieAnne came home from school one afternoon, pulled out her long-ignored paint set and announced that she was going to become an artist. I loved watching her sweet face so intent on her work ... and two quiet hours later, this painting of a horse was the result of her determination!

Wayne spent hours building a beautiful bunk/loft bed for CorrieAnne. She loved it, BUT somehow sleeping way up in the air felt lonelier. So ... late one night, I came upon this scene of fatherly comfort. (Yes, they were both snoring!)

I love these colorful zinnias that grew in our plot at the town garden! And the funky little fox vase? Made in pottery class by CorrieAnne!

I love our new "Tree of Life" piece that hangs over the diningroom fireplace. We bought it from a fair-trade store in Ballston Spa, NY ( which is owned by guests of ours. It is hammered and cut from the top of a metal shipping barrel. So beautiful! Talk about recycling!

I know it's almost time for the snow to fly ... but I just have to brag about my beautiful foxglove! These amazing blooms brought smiles to many faces.

I love serving beautifully created food to our guests .... Wayne designed this platter of fruit.

I love the pink clouds in this photo ... but even more, I love the fact that my daughter grabbed the camera to capture the moment. I love that my girls are growing up surrounded by such beauty and that they NOTICE it!

I love sunny days when friends visit! We had such fun driving up Whiteface Mountain and showing Don and Lynda the splendors of the wilderness stretching out as far as the eye could see!
Autumn leaves strewn on the steps of a small village church on a misty afternoon... simple beauty ... serenity.
This humble bowl of beans represents our entire harvest! But hey - they tasted delicious!

Roaring Brook Falls is stunning at any time of the year, but I loved this beautiful autumn day when the falls were swollen from the night's rain.

The first snowfall of the winter. I love the two seasons melting together in this photo - autumn on the right and winter on the left.
No matter what kind of day you're having today, look for the many things you can love. They surround you in patient love ... hoping that you'll take the time to notice and capture the moment.