Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 Wishes

Tonight, millions of people will watch as a brilliantly lit ball drops in NYC's Times Square.  And as the ball drops, clouds of confetti will be released to float down upon the partying crowd below.  Although I've watched the ball drop dozens of times, I never knew that the confetti is not just ANY confetti!  It literally holds the wishes of thousands (maybe millions) of people.

When we visited New York City, we enjoyed visiting Times Square museum and found  .... the wall of Hopes and Dreams where visitors write their wishes on tiny pieces of confetti.

This was one of my favorites .... probably duplicated a few thousand times!

Of course, we had to write our own New Year's wishes ...

 Sodie took great care to make sure I couldn't see hers ... hmmmm!  

We dropped them in the box ...

and said hello to the 2000 Millennium Ball which is on display in the museum.

Tonight, when the clock strikes midnight ... our little wishes will float down over the streets of NYC and hopefully will come true!

Happy New Year to you!!  May all of your 2013 wishes come true!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Let the Christmasing Begin

Yesterday, we fed our guests and sent them off on a hike so we could enjoy one our favorite annual events ... choosing a Christmas tree.  From the year of the exploding tree to the year we traveled most of south-central Pennsylvania because we couldn't find the right tree, I could write a whole blog post just on our tree picking adventures. 

Over the years, we've learned two very important things about tree cutting ...

1 - Take a tape measure.  Trees always look ten times bigger once you get them inside (the case of the exploding tree)

2 - Perfection is no longer the objective ... speed is.  Teenage girls have about a 10 minute patience level when it comes to choosing trees with their parents.  Enough said ....

Living in Pennsylvania, it was always our dream to cut a tree in the snow.  In 14 years of cutting trees, I don't think we ever succeeded.   This year (and the year before and the year before and ...) it was a winter wonderland as we headed off into the tree farm.

Ten minutes later ... we found our tree!  

One thing about cutting a tree in the snow ... it's a cold and wet endeavor!  But Wayne never complains.  He's prayed for this his whole life.

 Sometimes the tree man needs a little help from a tree puller

Whoosh!  Good thing the tree watcher had moved back a little ... and the tree photographer!

On the way out of the forest.  Is it me or does that girl have a tree tail?

My girl HATES to have her picture taken so I have to sneak photos when she's unaware.  I love this one ... I love her!


 One of our traditions is for the girls to pet the horses while Dad gets the tree baled and loaded in the truck.

For me, the Christmas season begins when the tree is cut.  Now the decorating, card writing, baking and celebrating can begin....  Merry Christmas!