Sunday, May 27, 2012

Remembering ...


There's something about the late afternoon light
reflecting from the chasm
where death came swiftly 
to so many who began their day 
that day
as I begin too many days ...

 There's something about trying to explain
to a child
who was only 7 months old
how we awoke in one world
and fell asleep that night
in another  --
how evil can create hatred
toward innocent people who live and love
and work and play

There's something about row upon row
of names
with light shining through - 
tracing the letters with your finger
and wondering what brought them
to that place
instead of you

There's something about hope rising 
shining and strong
daring to stand tall again
against a blue sky

 There's something about the courage
that dares to rise 
beyond any other building on the horizon
as if to say
"We're still here
and we will live and love 
and work and play


There's something about hope standing in a harbor
Holding high the flame of freedom
Welcoming, promising, caring
for the "huddled masses yearning to breathe free"

There's something about BEING FREE
on a beautiful spring day
to stroll with your family
to wonder, to learn, to imagine ....

What it must have been like to arrive
with little more than the clothes you wore,
not sure if you would pass the test,
not sure if you would have the chance
to be all that you knew you could be
in this new place

There's something about imagining
that perhaps my own grandmother 
or yours
slept on this cot swinging gently from its chains
or maybe 
she lay awake
listening to the snoring 
and the quiet turning 
of the others restless 
with the burden of unspoken dreams and fears

There's something about standing in this great hall
surrounded by the echoes
of so many who began their life of freedom here.
Who entered through this gateway
to the land I call my home.

There's something about all of these things...
that lifts my eyes beyond 
the things I complain about
and the politicians I will vote for or against
and the still-unrealized dreams I hold
to a place
where I am humbled
by the memory
of all who sacrificed
to give and to preserve
this precious freedom.

All I can say
"Thank You."

Monday, May 7, 2012

Two Worlds

I"ll admit .... as a bit of a "girly-girl,"  I do love my coffee shops, facials and massages, strolls along the beach and hammocks.   But over the past few years, I've expanded my experiences into camping, hiking, horseback riding, painting (as in walls and windows) and keeping the home fires burning with splintery hunks of former trees.

Last weekend, my daughter, Katie, got married (blog post to come, I promise) and in celebration, I treated myself to a French manicure.  I'm pretty sure it's been close to a decade since I had one and  I must say, "It was stunning!"

But I also must say that I had a giggle a few days later while wrangling a stubborn log onto the early morning fire ...

Right here ... right in this picture ... are my two worlds!   I am a "girl" who loves the wild, wonderful Adirondacks! 

I'm proud to say that I can still stoke a mean fire ... even with a French manicure.  Hear, hear for all  girly Adirondack women!!  I know you're out there!